Afrikan Sciences


Smart n sexy vibes from Afrikan Sciences with some dope soul, free-jazz and techno for all the aspiring scientists out there.

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  • Eddie Harris-Dreams And Nightmares
  • NAE-Letter To M
  • Les Gracies-Soundwalks
  • The Polyversal Souls-Sad Nile
  • Afrikan Sciences-Give Whats Inside
  • Nona Hendryx-Transformation
  • Afrikan Sciences-Stack And Go Lean
  • X Clan-Verbs Of Power
  • Marcos Valle-1985 (Theo Parrish Remix)
  • Georgia Ann Muldrow-Unknown
  • Henry Wu-Intro (Rhythm & Rice
  • A Race Of Angels-Lady Of Sun
  • Afrikan Sciences-Mahbunzi Mahgo Pihndi's Triumphant Return
  • Sevin Davis jr-Summer
  • Goat-Solid Eye
  • Nsane Menis-Lets Go Upstairs
  • Lady Of The Night-Lokomotiv GT
  • Old Shady Gradyand the Neighbourhood Character-Unknown
  • Tom blip-Shekere
  • Nubian Minds-Go Deeper Than you
  • Ararsenal-Peoples Above The Sky
  • Afrikan Sciences-Power Consumate
  • Kailce-Rabit hole
  • Dam Funk-Searchin 4 Funk Future
  • The Polyversal Souls-Love In Outer Space