Craig Leon


Craig Leon came through to play some of his own music, some Kraftwerk, some John Fahey, and other such greatness.

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  • Craig Leon & Cassell Webb-In Progress 1
  • Craig Leon (1)-In Progress 2
  • Harry Partch-Daphine Of The Dunes Part 1
  • Johanna M. Beyer-Music Of The Spheres
  • John Fahey-Requieum For Molly
  • George Antheil-Ballet Mecanique
  • Otto Luening-Low Speed
  • Craig Leon (2)-Details Suggest Fidelity To Fact
  • Kraftwerk-Tanzmusik
  • Craig Leon (3)-In Progress 3
  • Alan Hovhaness-October Mountain
  • Alvin Curran-Canti Illuminati
  • Ruth Crawford Seeger-Music For Small Orchestra
  • Berangere Maximim-Voyage Morphologique
  • King Ayisoba-Awedoume
  • Unknown-Ancient Greek Instrumental Fragment
  • Ancient Greek Instrumental Fragment-Hymn To The Muse
  • Craig Leon (4)-Chanson du Canton de Saint-Gervais
  • Marianne Armcher-Music For Sound: Joined Rooms
  • Alan Hovhaness-Mysterious Horse Before The Gate
  • Craig Leon (5)-Visting: Customs Of The Age Disturbed
  • Carl Ruggles-Exaltation (Excerpt)
  • Allen Ginsberg-Father Death Blues
  • Pauline Oliveros-A Love Song