Divided Alien: A Tribute to Daevid Allen


Daevid Allen sadly passed away in March. To celebrate his life, Adam Oko put together a special tribute show packed with Gong, Soft Machine and solo recordings.

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  • Gong-Octave Doctors and the Crystal Machine
  • Daevid Allen-(Excerpt from) The Switch Doctor
  • Gong-(Excerpt from) Radio Gnome Concert Loop
  • Daevid Allen-Memories featuring Robert Wyatt
  • Gong-Rational Anthem
  • Daevid Allen-(Excerpt from) The Switch Doctor
  • Gong-Flute Salad
  • Daevid Allen-Deya Goddess
  • Daevid Allen (1)-(Excerpt from) The Switch Doctor
  • Gong  (1)-And You Tried So Hard
  • Daevid Allen (1)-Stoned Innocent Frankenstein
  • Gong (1)-Castle in the Clouds
  • Gong (1)-Thoughts for Nought
  • Daevid Allen and Euterpe-Wee Bit More
  • Gong (1)-Love is How Y Make It
  • Gong (2)-Oily Way
  • Gong (2)-The Isle of Everywhere
  • Daevid Allen and François Bayle-La Belle Cerbrale
  • Daevid Allen (1)-Madame Zero
  • Daevid Allen (1)-(Excerpt from) The Switch Doctor
  • Gong  (2)-Mister Longshanks/O Mother/I am your Fantasy
  • Daevid Allen and Matt Watkins-Arrogant Prick