Hoya:Hoya Takeover w/ Jon K & Chunky


Hoya:Hoya crowding up the NTS studio again with some sunny sounds.

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  • Cabaret Voltaire-Safety Zone (Remix)
  • Hype Williams-Blue Dream
  • Powell-Grand Street
  • Oby Onyioha-Enjoy your Life
  • The Beat-Too Nice To Talk To
  • Junkyard Band-The Word/Sardines
  • Tarik "Russian" Johnston-Go-Go club (Riddim instrumental)
  • Leftside (Granpa)-Mi tyad
  • Count Bass D-Real Music vs Bull$#!+
  • Rahsaan Patterson-It Ain't Love (album version)
  • Alkalino-Without You
  • DER ZYKLUS-Cherenkov Radiation
  • Bert On Beats-BOB RIDDIM
  • Luther Vandross-Never Too Much
  • Estelle-American Boy (No Rap Version)
  • Cameo-Back And Forth (12" Larry Blackmon Mix)
  • Krystal Klear-Tried For Your Love
  • BLLUDD Relations-Anything but the Fingers