Luca Lozano


The South London born Berliner took flight in the NTS studio for a murky mix of old techno and acid.

More Guests


  • TPQ-Punk Inc
  • Marshall Jefferson-Got 2 Mix
  • Sterling Void-Serve It Up
  • Derrick May-The Dance
  • Metro-Straphanger
  • Mike Loucas-Precaution (Underground Mix)
  • Infra Red-Metamorphasis
  • Dj Bonus-Unknown Track (Medlar Edit)
  • Shut Up and Dance-Lambourghini
  • Invincible Scum-Princess
  • Headman-It Rough (Chicken Lips Remix)
  • Mike Dunn-Pressure Cooker
  • Richard Harrow-Acid Hammer