Maria Chavez


We were blessed by Maria Chavez' presence for a quick one-off set from the sound artist. Bunch of leftfield selections including some dope Steve Reich tracks at either end of the mix.

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  • Steve Reich-Come Out
  • Pietre Preziose E Oro Fino-Tammurriata Di Casatori
  • Junior Boys-Slow B Side
  • Maria Chavez-Gel Manipulation
  • Jeremy Steig-Howling For Judy
  • SK Kakraba-Sopka
  • Breatrice Dillon-Sonnier
  • Bookworms-Unreleased
  • Elon & Dario Zenker-Jew Vin
  • Antenes-St. Antoine
  • Max Cooper-Harmonisch Serie
  • Glock-Roll (Original)
  • Kamran Sadeghi-Follow Up
  • Steve Reich-Electric Counterpoint