Open Deck w/ Aza & Pip


Aza & Pip as a one-off extra special guest for Open Deck. No wave, stoner rock, old school hardcore, and all that ish from these guys.

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  • The Jesus Lizard-Monkey Trick
  • Glen Branca-The Tone Row that Ruled the World
  • Wipers-Romeo
  • The Men-Bataille
  • Jerry's Kids-Right Now
  • Swans-Oxygen
  • NoMeansNo-Teresa, Give Me That Knife
  • The Chills-Pink Frost
  • Flipper-Sex Bomb
  • Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds-Slowly Goes the Night
  • Fugazi-I'm So Tired
  • The Melvins-Night Goat
  • Girl Band-Lawman
  • SS Decontrol-No Reply
  • Pop 1280-Human Probe II
  • Primus-Nature Boy
  • Red Lorry Yellow Lorry-Happy
  • Subhumans-Drugs of Youth
  • Mission of Burma-Trem Two
  • Big in Japan-Suicide A Go Go
  • Au Pairs-It's Obvious
  • Shellac-Squirrel Song
  • The Feelies-Raised Eyebrows
  • Fugazi-Lockdown
  • Sonic Youth-Shadow of a Doubt
  • King Missile-Detachable Penis
  • Aphex Twin-Film
  • Cows-Hitting The Wall