Open Deck w/ Timothy Fairplay


New age nonsense, stretched out house and some other weird old records from the legendary Timothy J. Fairplay.

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  • Emerald Web-The Dragon's Gate
  • I-f-Assault on Radio Radical
  • Antoine Rouge-Flight Into Danger
  • Gherkin Jerks-Meltdown
  • Disc - Gherkin Jerks-Tar
  • Steve Summers-The Outermaze
  • Legowelt-Dirty Love
  • Unknown-Houz Nation
  • D'Marc Cantu-Alternate Frequency
  • Willie Burns-Tab of Acid
  • Japanese Telecom-Virtual Origami
  • Svengalisghost-The Booth
  • NGLY-I Don't Have a Soul
  • Antoine Rouge-Sharri's Magic Purse
  • Romanthony-The Wanderer (The Journeyman's Thump)
  • The Third Man-Pipes at Helios Canyon (Legowelt Remix)
  • Omar-S-Leave
  • Panash-Jack 2 Jack
  • St Julien-Lazor
  • Plez-Can't Stop ((Acid) Rain Forest Mix)
  • DJ Fett Burger and Stiletti-Ana-Seriously Goodbye
  • Black Deer-Apex Break
  • Maheras-The Man From Another Place (Timothy J. Fairplay Remix)
  • Legowelt-Blue Tearz