Pomponette Recordings


Pomponette Records playing straight from the gutter: enter the war zone.

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  • Johnny Halifax-Black Desert
  • High On Fire-Rumors Of War
  • Christian Bland & The Revelators-Guns For Guitars
  • Crisis-Kill Kill Kill
  • Art Attacks-Neutron Bomb
  • Keith Hudson-Man From Shooter's Hill
  • Hubble Bubble-New Promotion Intro
  • The Dead Exs-White Collar Crime
  • Suicide-Che
  • Fontella Bass-Talking About Freedom
  • War-War Is Coming War is Coming
  • 999-Soldier
  • Death-Politicians In My Eyes
  • Crass-Bomb
  • Crass-They've Got A Bomb
  • Elliott Murphy-Lost Generation
  • Fabrizio De Andre-Il Bombarolo
  • The Hunters-Russian Spy and I
  • God Damn-Dangle Like Skeletons
  • Donna Hightower-This World Today Is a Mess
  • Gazoline-Killer Man
  • Dead Kennedys-Chemical Warfare
  • Morricone-Guerra e Pace
  • John Cale-Ready For War
  • Survival-Jungle Justice Afro Psych
  • Goat-Words
  • The Faces-Tug Of War
  • Stallins Of Sound-Monkeys Attack
  • The Weirdos-We Got The Neutron Bomb
  • The Doors-The Unknown Soldier