Rush Hour Presents John Gomez & Hunee


John Gomez and Hunee bringing the soul and afrobeats for over two hours! Thanks guys.

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  • Morris-Can We Melt the Ice
  • Ron Dante and Peter Link-Mighty Gents
  • Sexteto do Beco-Kiua
  • Fela Kuti-Confusion Parts 1&2
  • Sharmila with Black Star Music Club-Chozi Lanitoka
  • Brigitte Fontaine-Brigitte
  • Sharek Farrah and Folks-Waiting for Marvin
  • Jordan De La Sierra-Music for Devotional
  • NA-Mark Birds
  • Fishburn and Francis-Give Me Some Love
  • Carrie Cleveland-Love Will Set You Free
  • The Johnny Otis Show-Hey Boy! I Want Ya
  • Royal Flush-Grab Your Sexy Baby
  • Evans Pyramid-This is Where Love Lives
  • Daniel Grau-Leon Bailarin
  • Sumy-Where Were You Last Night
  • Robert Helms-Sekele I Like It
  • Vitamin E-Unknown
  • Richard Gomez-Welcome To My Dream
  • Onike-Love Never Taste So Good
  • The First Family-Slow Motion
  • Larry Nevilles-This Time Its Real