Shiva Feshareki


Composer Shiva Feshareki with an experimental classical show, with live performances from guests. It gets loud.

More Guests


  • Pauline Oliveros-Bye Bye Butterfly
  • Galina Ustvolskaya-Somata No. 6
  • Daphne Oram-Frightened of Myself (Reworked And Re-Interpreted By Andrea Parker And Daz Quayle)
  • Gregor Riddell-Their Scintillant Blades (Live in Studio)
  • Perotin-Alleluia Nativitas
  • Merzbow-Tokyo Times Ten
  • James Tenney-For Ann (rising)
  • Carlo Gesualdo-O vos omnes
  • Terry Riley-Across the Lake of the Ancient World
  • Pierre Henry-Prisme
  • Edgard Varese-Poeme Electronique