Marcel Vogel


Marcel Vogel stopping by to deliver 2 hours of disco and soul, neat.

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  • The Second Coming-A New World-A-Coming
  • Unknown-Out The Blue
  • Ingram-That's All
  • Batuca Band-Music Is Life
  • Loose Joints-Is it All Over My Face (Crate Bug Edit)
  • Joe Claussell-Unofficial Edits
  • Ingram-Smoothin' Groovin
  • Universe City-Can You Get Down
  • Sylvia Striplin-Gimme Your Love
  • Mort Shuman-Get It Up Baby
  • T S Monk-Can't Keep To Myself
  • Eric Robertson-We Are On The Move
  • Nite Class-Call You Mine
  • Brian Ellis-Kick Clap
  • Roubaix-Ain't Nobody Better
  • Teen Machine-Machine Rap
  • Sr. CSMC-The Essence Quintessence
  • ManMadeMusic-If You Don't Do It
  • Borrowed Identity-Queens Bridge
  • Max Graef-Feat. Andy Hart
  • Peven Everett-Decisions
  • Marcel Vogel-Doin' It (NY AK Remix)
  • Marcel Vogel-Doin' It