Tony Allen & Jimi Tenor


Two legends in one room - Tony Allen and Jimi Tenor in conversation with the Let's Be Brief crew, and playing a few of their tunes.

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  • Psycho On Tha Bus-Aphropusherman
  • Tony Allen-Asiko
  • Psyco On Tha Bus-Hand Full of Sands
  • Nicole Willis & Jimi Tenor-All For You (feat. Tony Allen)
  • Fela Kuti-Yellow Fever
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Ty-The Willing
  • Silver Apples-Oscillations
  • Psycho On Tha Bus-Time To Take A Rest Suite
  • S-Job Movement - Love Affair
  • Psyco On Tha Bus-Never Satisfied
  • Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen (1)-Darker Side Of Night
  • Jimi Tenor & UMO-I Was Here
  • Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen (2)-Three Continents
  • Hermeto Pascoal-Little Cry For Him
  • Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen (3)-Against The Wall
  • Jimi Tenor & UMO-Ghost Warrior
  • Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen (4)-Cella's Walk
  • Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen (5)-Selfish Gene