Hannah Holland w/ Gideon



Hannah Holland and sometimes guests stir up a nicely atmospheric blend of modern house and minimal tunes, interspliced with ambience, experimental and even contemporary classical. From the sweat and dark of the club to soaring avian soundscapes, Hannah covers the lot.

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  • Babe Ruth-The Mexican
  • Sister Nancy-Only Woman DJ, With Degree
  • Gwen Guthrie-Ain't Nothing Going On But The Rent
  • Prins Thomas-My Maskin'
  • Red Axes-Der Saxa
  • Geraldine Hunt-Can't Fake The Feeling (Original Mix)
  • Partok Matushka Apfelberg-Nai Nai
  • Martyn-EF40
  • Hannah Holland-Body Bold Feat. Mama
  • Patti Labelle-The Spirit's In It
  • Curtis Hairston-Want Your Lovin' (Just A Little Bit) (John Morales M &M Remix)
  • Dennis Brown & Dhaima-A True
  • Clarence Smith-Sometime I Feel Like a Motherless Child
  • Baxley-The Scene
  • Robert Reinartz-I'll Give You
  • Naomi D-Passion (Gids Re-Edit)
  • Bicep-Don't
  • The Caravans-No Coward Soldier
  • The Dixie Nightingales-I Don't Know
  • Velvet Shadows-Waiting Of Black People
  • Unknown-So Worried