Hannah Holland



Hannah Holland and sometimes guests stir up a nicely atmospheric blend of modern house and minimal tunes, interspliced with ambience, experimental and even contemporary classical. From the sweat and dark of the club to soaring avian soundscapes, Hannah covers the lot.

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  • Boards Of Canada-Under The Coke Sign
  • Virginia & Butch-Free
  • Noze-Danse Avec Moi ft. Dani Siciliano (Dj Koze Rework)
  • Valery Allington-Stop
  • Da Posse-In The Heat Of The Night (The Black Madonna Its Called Acid Mix)
  • Wrong Steps-Glam
  • Blood Orange-Uncle Acid (Kindness Remix ft. Robert Owens)
  • Staffan Lindberg-Ikaros
  • Juan Moreno-Touch Me
  • Marcel Fengler-Break Through
  • Application-Steve Reich’s Ice Cream Van
  • Shaun J Wright & Alinka-Journey Into The Deep
  • Doms & Deykers-Tepper
  • Simon Baker-Standards
  • Black Loops-The Lovelite
  • Dan Beaumont-The Bathhouse
  • Robert Owens-How Can I
  • Baio-Missive (Neville Watson Remix)
  • Heiko Voss-Think About You (DJ Koze Remix)
  • Lauren Flax-Pleasure Principle ft. Kim Ann Foxman
  • Denis Sulta-A.A.L.A.S
  • Squarewave-Disco Inferno
  • Pulp Disco & The Outcasts-3.142
  • Paula Cole-Feelin’ Love (Psychemagik Reem Mix)
  • Everywhere Perera-Bizarre