Hannah Holland



Hannah Holland and sometimes guests stir up a nicely atmospheric blend of modern house and minimal tunes, interspliced with ambience, experimental and even contemporary classical. From the sweat and dark of the club to soaring avian soundscapes, Hannah covers the lot.

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  • Liquid Liquid-Cavern
  • ESG-Moody
  • Bush Tetras-Cowboys in Africa
  • Bush Tetras-Too Many Creeps
  • The Specials-Ghost Town
  • FACTORY FLOOR-Here Again
  • Tristesse contemporaine-Fire (Daniel Maloso "Fuego mix")
  • Pollyester-Round clocks
  • Chloe-Smash (Original Mix)
  • Kink-Don’t stop
  • Cormac-Tone alone
  • Luke Larrell-Hiya!
  • Dale Howard-Thowback (Dub)
  • Ride Committee, Roxy-Guess Who (Justin Drake remix)