Happy Death w/ Ed Horrox



Ed Horrox, the creative director and A&R from 4AD joins NTS once a month for an hour of his personal favourites, which can be pretty much anything: hip-hop, house, found ‘classics’, esoteric century-old jazz recordings, and then occasionally some of those unreleased leftfield pop bangers that 4AD seem to be so good at finding.

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  • Hildegard Von Bingen - Canticles of Ecstasy-O Vis Aeternitatis
  • Arca-Whip
  • Tom Armstrong-Keller
  • Phew-New World
  • Jesse-Hard Sky
  • Typhonian Highlife-The Startled Gaze of The Chitahoori
  • Seckou Keita-Tamala
  • dean blunt-as long as ropes unravel fake rolex will travel
  • Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society-Maroon Dune
  • Big Thief-Mythological Beauty
  • Kyle Bobby Dunn-Her Ghost Wore Tennis Shoes
  • Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society-2128½