After Dark w/ Helm & Graham Lambkin



Luke Younger heads up 2 hours of weirdo music, experiments and recordings once a month.

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  • Graham Lambkin & Mark Harwood-Sirisongs
  • Graham Lambkin-Community (Excerpt)
  • Graham Lambkin-The Criminal Waves
  • Sean McCann-Pearling
  • John Lennon-Jealous Guy
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex-Highways (Joe Boyd Session)
  • Dr Alimantado-Poison Flour
  • Hedgehog Pie-The Angels Took My Racehorse Away
  • Sandy Denny-The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood
  • Keith Christmas-Travelling Down
  • Loudest Whisper-A Man Named John
  • Gay & Terry Woods-Side Tracked
  • Joe McPhee & John Snyder-Red Giant
  • The Grateful Dead-What's Become Of The Baby
  • Franco Battiato-Agnus
  • Graham Lambkin-Abersayne