Henry Rollins

Los Angeles


Greetings fellow music fan and NTS listener. June is upon us. Chances are, even in parts of the UK, where I know it can be overcast and raining quite often, you are experiencing some warm weather. Like last month’s program, which I hope you enjoyed thoroughly, this gathering of greatness, is also designed for warm weather. Perhaps like you, I listen to music all year. For me, at least, music sounds best in the warmer months and I try to listen as many hours a day as I can. There is something about heat and music that just works perfectly. I hope you are getting a lot of music tracked this summer and this track list proves to be an asset. Henry

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  • Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band-Beatle Bones 'n' Smokin' Stones / Strictly Personal
  • Kikagaku Moyo-Kogarashi / House in the Tall Grass
  • Uton-Mental Operation / Psychic Archives Vol. 05
  • Berntholer-Toys / single
  • The Stevens-Teenage Satellites / The Stevens
  • Black Forest / Black Sea-My Night With The French Resistance / Frannce
  • Scientist-Space Invaders Re-group / Encounters Pac Man at Channel One
  • Slug Guts-Old Black Sweats / Playin' in Time With the Deadbeat
  • Sort Sol-Off Morning / Dagger & Guitar
  • The Tuff Monks-After the Fireworks / single
  • Joseph Spence-Will The Serpent Be Unbroken / Bahamian Guitarist
  • Alan Vega-Sneaker Gun Fire / Deuce Avenue
  • Squatweiler-Should I / Full Bladder
  • Angry Angles-Apparent - Transparent / Angry Angles
  • The Stooges-I'm Sick Of You / single
  • Young Prisms-Midnight's When / In Between
  • David Bowie-Look Back In Anger / Lodger
  • Devo-Strange Pursuit / Duty Now for the Future
  • Miriam Makeba-Pata Pata / Pata Pata
  • Ashtray Navigations-Go Forwards In Reverse / The Mechanical Abrasions Of Vol. 03
  • Cedell Davis-She's Got The Devil In Her / Feel Like Doin’ Something Wrong
  • High Rise-Cotton Top / High Rise II
  • The Aquarium-Can't Afford To Live Here / The Aquarium
  • Shelley / Devoto-Can You See Me Shining? / Buzzkunst
  • The Bees-Voices Green and Purple / Nuggets
  • Prehensile Monkeytailed Skink-I'm A Spy / Bulb Singles #1
  • Lost Animal-Don’t Litter / Ex Tropical
  • Ausmuteants-Wrong / Order of Operation
  • The Fall-Beatle Bones 'n' Smokin' Stones / Peel Sessions