Henry Rollins

Los Angeles


Henry Rollins showing off his far-reaching taste. From noisy melodramatic belters by Rowland S. Howard to the avant-garde classical of George Crumb - Rollins keeps it heavy, and keeps it informative.

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  • David Bowie-Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)
  • Iggy Pop-German Days
  • Lightnin' Hopkins-Awful Dream
  • The Julie Ruin-I Decide (no watermark)
  • Vainio/Väisänen/Vega-Incredible Criminals
  • Charles Moothart-The Wolf Behind My Eyes
  • The Emeralds-The Loser Keeps America Clean
  • Boris-Farewell
  • Lowtide-Held
  • Nun-Kino
  • Molly Nilsson-Going Places
  • Visitors-Electric Heat
  • Patrick Vian-Grosse Nacht Musik
  • Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds-Anything To Say
  • Kim Salmon-Already Turned Out Burned Out (Fast Burn)
  • King Tubby-Beat Them In Dub
  • Dax Riggs-Living Is Suicide
  • The Cravats-Jingo Bells
  • VUM-Sudden Night
  • Jonny Telafone-Transparent Love
  • Brown Snake Kills Dog-All That We Have Failed to Do
  • Total Control-Flesh War
  • Totally Mild-When I'm Tired
  • Brian Eno-Here Come The Warm Jets