Henry Rollins

Los Angeles


Henry Rollins showing off his far-reaching taste. From noisy melodramatic belters by Rowland S. Howard to the avant-garde classical of George Crumb - Rollins keeps it heavy, and keeps it informative.

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  • Kraftwerk-Trans Europa Express
  • Iggy Pop-Nightclubbing
  • David Bowie-Helden
  • Trouble Funk-Trouble Funk Express
  • Sods-Pathetic
  • Crisis-Frustration
  • The Need-Let Them Eat Valium
  • Alan Vega-The Kiss
  • The Wall-Ghetto
  • Soccer Team-Too Many Lens Flares
  • Colin Potter-All Reel
  • Spizz-Cold City
  • Wand-Lower Order
  • Nico-Sixty Forty
  • Gun Club-Nobody's City
  • Conrad Schnitzler-Track
  • Joy Division-Shadowplay
  • Glaxo Babies-It's Irrational
  • Ulaan Khol-From There to Here
  • My Cat Is An Alien-Love Is Like A Hiss From Outer Space
  • Wolfgang Riechman-Abendlicht
  • Ashtray Navigations-Mysterious Starling Island
  • Wolf Eyes-Track 02
  • The Ruts-It Was Cold