Henry Rollins

Los Angeles


I don’t know how you select the music you listen to. I like to listen by season. Temperature, air quality, light cycle, they all play a part in not only what I am selecting but also what I am putting together for a radio show. I think this is good September listening. It’s still warm, maybe hot, but you can tell that things are changing. I try to stay aware of these changes, as slight as they can be, and listen accordingly.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the show. I am particularly fond of the middle section, which I tried to make somewhat challenging, knowing you would handle it just fine. It’s great to be able to put together a show for a listener who actually wants to engage and not just be entertained. Life is too short for that.

Thanks for listening. Until next month. Henry

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  • David Bowie-TVC 15 / Station to Station
  • Iggy Pop-Some Weird Sin / Lust for Life
  • Kraftwerk-Die Roboter / Die Mensch Maschine
  • The Sods-Minutes to Go / Minutes to Go
  • The Misfits-Static Age / Static Age
  • Wire-Midnight Bahnhof Café / Document & Eyewitness
  • Joy Division-Colony / Closer
  • Killing Joke-Complications / Killing Joke
  • Glaxo Babies-This is Your Life / Put Me on the Guest List
  • Pseudo Existors-Beyond The Zone / Stamp Out Normality
  • The Shapes-Wot's For Lunch Mum? (Not Beans Again!) / Songs for Sensible People
  • Les Rallizes Dénudés-White Awakening / Great White Wonder
  • Tomu Tonttu-Maailman Tappi / Ehdottelee
  • Pharmakon-Body Betrays Itself / Bestial Burden
  • Asian Women on the Telephone-Kljuch, Zamok, Yazyk / ICanT
  • Magic Carpathians Project-Water On The Hill Ultimate / Euscorpius Carpathicus
  • Thee Oh Sees-Unwrap the Fiend Pt.2 / A Weird Exits
  • The Julie Ruin-Be Nice / Hit Reset
  • Terry-Tippy Toppy / High Fashion Sampler
  • Exhaustion-The Gambler / Future Eaters
  • Alex Cameron-The Internet /Jumping the Shark
  • Mi-Gu - From Space / From Space
  • Sun Ra-We Travel The Spaceways / We Travel The Spaceways
  • Deadboy And The Elephantmen-How Long The Night Was / We Are Night Sky
  • Tim Presley-Underwater Rain / The Wink
  • Gun Club-Black Hole / Divinity
  • Cramps-Green Fuz / Psychedelic Jungle
  • Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds-La Araña / La Araña Es La Vida
  • Sonic's Rendezvous Band-City Slang / Too Much Crank