Henry Rollins

Los Angeles


Henry Rollins showing off his far-reaching taste. From noisy melodramatic belters by Rowland S. Howard to the avant-garde classical of George Crumb - Rollins keeps it heavy, and keeps it informative.

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  • The Damned-Wait For The Black Out
  • The Mob-Shuffling Souls
  • The UK Subs-Ice Age
  • Die Haut w/ Nick Cave-Stow-A-Way
  • The Mad-Fried Egg
  • Kraftwerk-Das Modell
  • The Skunks-Good From The Bad
  • The Models-Man Of The 09. Iggy Pop - Funtime
  • David Bowie-Sound and Vision
  • Cluster-Caramel
  • Randy Alvey & The Green Fuz-Green Fuz
  • The Cravats-Precinct
  • The Pagans-Street Where Nobody Lives
  • Joy Division-Transmission
  • Drinks-Laying Down The Rock
  • The Teen Idles-Teen Idles
  • Negative Trend-Black and Red
  • Nightmare-Great Balls of Fire
  • Dillinger-Cokane In My Brain
  • Panik-Urban Damnation
  • The Adverts-My Place
  • Buzzcocks-Breakdown
  • Buzzcocks-Time's Up
  • Buzzcocks (1)-Boredom
  • Buzzcocks-Friends of Mine
  • Trouble Funk-Part A