High Bank



Rugged selections from DJ Florentino - Columbian club rhythms through soca, dancehall, reggaeton and elsewhere.

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  • Harvey Sutherland-That’s The Fact, Jack
  • Chosen 3-Mr Turbulence
  • KYM-Give Me The Dance (Dance Mix)
  • Stimulus feat. Milton Smith-You Blow My Mind (Dub Version)
  • Level-Teacher (Extended Dance Mix)
  • Lotti G-What’s It Worth (Extended Mix)
  • Inner Life-No Way (Dub Version)
  • Al McCall-Lock It Up (Instrumental)
  • Johnny Kemp-Just Another Lover
  • Antoniou-Sound On Sound
  • Hill-Delicate Rose (Vocal)
  • Tony Cook-Get To The Point
  • Masatoshi Takanaka-Jungle Jane
  • Level 42-Turnt It On
  • Noir Chez Emploi-Negre’ Au Ceuvre Theme
  • Al Jacobs-Hopi Hop
  • Willis Jackson-Singing Bass
  • Gregg Smith-Party Warrior
  • David Dee-Sweet Loving Baby
  • B.A.M Music-Missing You
  • mark grusane-mgm edits vol.2
  • Mike Kay-Low Altitude
  • FF Yellowhand-You Want Every Night
  • Derrick-Boogie Times
  • M. Dean-Lovehygh
  • Escape From New York-Fire In My Heart
  • L.J Reynolds-Trust In Me
  • PM Dawn-Set Adrift On Memory Bliss