House Call



Heavy vinyl records collector Dr. Kruger digs deep every other Sunday to bring soulful, funky and odd tunes from his crates straight to your home. Sometimes joined by a fellow crate digger/DJ of his choice, just tune in and let the doctor treat you.

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  • Tina Turner-You Got What You Wanted
  • The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band-Do Your Thing
  • Macho-Black Widow
  • El Rego-Se Na Min
  • The Mike Mainieri Quartet-Minnesota Thins
  • The People's Choice-I Likes To Do It
  • Jerry & The Medicine Men-The Medicine Man Part II
  • Royal Showband-Panama Red
  • The Jackson Southernaires-Don't Let Him Catch You (With Your Work Undone)
  • William Joseph Fowler & The Disciples-Prophets Bound To Christ
  • New Holidays-Maybe So Maybe No
  • The Summits-Sleepwalking
  • Tony Clarke-(They Call Me) A Wrong Man
  • David Whitaker-Strip Poker At Caesar's Palace
  • Joyce Williams-The First Thing I Do In The Morning
  • Skip Mahoney and The Casuals-Town Called Nowhere
  • Richard Terry & Company-Instrumental # 1
  • Marta Ren & The Groovelvets-Summer's Gone (Didn't Swim)
  • The T. S. U. Toronadoes-Getting the Corners
  • Scone Cash Players-The Sitter
  • The Inclines-The Atlanta Boogaloo
  • The Nilsmen-The Sand Step
  • The Cultures of Rhythm-Big Shrimp
  • Darrow Fletcher-The Pain Gets A Little Deeper
  • The Chronicle Church-Bionic Movement
  • S.O.U.L.-Soul (Part I)
  • Chip Wickham-Hit & Run
  • Marvelle Hampton-I Truly Believe (In Love)
  • Billy Sha-Rae - Do It
  • Roy Hytower-It Must Be Love
  • Bobby Bennett-Big New York
  • The Seven Ups-The Boss
  • The Black Nasty-Party On 4th St.
  • The Latinaires-Camel Walk
  • Armando Trovaioli-Sesso Matto
  • DJ Skizo-Through The Night
  • Julius Brockington & The Magic Force-This Feeling' (freedom) part 1