I Know Nothing



Topical talk show where we illicit the opinions, thoughts and experiences of Friends, Strangers and Experts at home and abroad. Littered with classic & current music. If there's something you want us to talk about, get in touch: @stephhegarty @crackstevens

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  • Johnny Mandel -Suicide Is Painless (Theme From The Film ''M.A.S.H'') (Theme From The Film MASH)
  • Samuel E. Wright-Under the Sea
  • Phil Harris-The Bare Necessities (From The Jungle Book)
  • Robin Williams-Friend Like Me (From Aladdin)
  • The Disney Chorus-Pink elephants on parade
  • Jim Carmichael-When I See An Elephant Fly (From Dumbo)
  • Nathan Lane-Hakuna Matata (From The Lion King Soundtrack version)