I Know Nothing



Topical talk show where we illicit the opinions, thoughts and experiences of Friends, Strangers and Experts at home and abroad. Littered with classic & current music. If there's something you want us to talk about, get in touch: @stephhegarty @crackstevens

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  • Patois-Tom
  • Blaine Djeguel-Thione Seck
  • Yeene-Wale Seck
  • Zimbabwae Shona-Mbira Music
  • E - Aicha kone-Timba
  • Sila MC-Sacraficed MC's
  • Jacques Brel-Ces Gens La
  • Toure Kunda-Saf Sap
  • Theo Blaise Kounkou-Fausse Amitie
  • Robinn-Who Cares