Immediate Hits w/ Dan Russell



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  • crazy spirit-unknown
  • carbonas-black out waiting to happen
  • jay reatard-hammer i miss you
  • richard hell-time
  • silver shampoo-dogs
  • devo-goo goo itch
  • the bachs-your mine
  • comet gain-why i try to look so bad
  • the equals-lonely rita
  • terry-hot heads
  • tomas function-2012 blues
  • sex hands-tommy
  • dick diver-competition
  • bo diddley-16 tonnes
  • homo stupids-wearing sammy
  • liminanas-berceuse pour clive
  • country teasers-stand by your man
  • the long blondes-new idols
  • the cutters-sorry is just a feeling
  • the hunches-your sick blooms
  • hubble bubble-look around (i was so upset)
  • Jim O‚Äôrourke-women of the world take over
  • sneaky pinks-i cant wait