Janus w/ Dan DeNorch



Janus: the double-faced Roman god of beginnings and endings; passages and doorways; the god of time itself. Janus is also a Berlin-based record label and club night dealing in thorny club experimentation. Their club residents include the eminent LOTIC, Kablam and M.E.S.H...

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  • Sharp GF777 Vintage Ghettoblaster 1980s Iconic Boombox-(Youtube rip)
  • Holy Name of Mary Choral Family-He'll Give Us What We Really Need
  • The KLF-Elvis on the Radio, Steel Guitar in My Soul
  • Recoil ft Diamanda Galas-Strange Hours
  • Equinox-Acid VIP (Breakage Final Remix)
  • Mu-I'm Coming to Get You
  • Arca-Family Violence
  • Chino Amobi-Anyas Garden (complete edit)
  • Christoph de Babalon-Opium
  • Paul de Marinis-Beneath the Numbered Sky
  • Tito Diran-Blue Jeans (Cover)
  • Kalinmankou-Denkou
  • Jace Clayton-Gay Guerilla
  • Albert Ayler-Truth Comes Marching In
  • TF-Beat to Death
  • Cibo Matto-Theme
  • Ellen Allien-Einsteigen
  • Yves Tumor-Slow