Jarreau Vandal



Soulection's Jarreau Vandal toes the lines between hip-hop, R'n'B, dance and leftfield experimental electronics. Hit him up once a month for an hour of finely selected tunes, 'Vandalized' edits and more...

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  • Pomrad-Cat on the ridge
  • Ethereal-Min (feat Alexandria)
  • Slom-Lament
  • Billy Cobham & George Duke band-Al mustafa the beloved
  • Herbie Hancock-Tell me a bedtime story
  • D.R.A.M.-Caretaker ft. SZA
  • Michael Jackson-Rock with you (Evil Needle remix)
  • Ynfynyt scroll + CZ-Danca Grave
  • Dr. Derg-Depression
  • Incomplete theory-Bristol Boys
  • Mr Carmack-The next afternoon
  • ruriko oghami-fuwari fuwafuwa
  • Starro-Don’t stop
  • Rom-You love em ft. Emmavie
  • Herzeloyde-Plea
  • Wayne Henderson-Ladybug
  • Chaz Jankel-Just a thought
  • Spinna-Unknown