Orsii and Jazzman Gerald present Jazzman, a selection of new Jazzman releases and sounds from the '50s to the '90s including modal jazz, spiritual jazz, Latin jazz, popcorn, deep funk, northern soul, greasy RnB and maybe even the odd tittyshaker.

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  • Wredd Wrooster-Untitled
  • Jack Costanzo-Sax Con Ritmo
  • The Georgia Soul Twisters-Mother Duck
  • Red Saunders-Voodoo Blues
  • Billy Williams-The Pied Piper
  • Vivian Copeland-Chaos (In My Heart)
  • James Reese and the Progressions-Joker (Where Did You Come From)
  • Colleus-Wonder Why
  • Greg Foat Group-Harpsichord Waltz
  • Greg Foat Group-Dark is the Sun (Reprise)
  • Lori Vambe-Drum Song
  • Emanative-Love in Outer Space
  • Valli Scavelli-Floating
  • Joao Donato-Me Deixa
  • Sedaka-Children of the Universe
  • Ray and his Musical Family-Cookie Crumbs
  • Ray and his Musical Family-Coming Home
  • "Latin Pete" Terrace-A La La e
  • Los Mirlos-Sonido Amazonica
  • Les Rapaces-Chiriki Cumbe
  • Alice Darr-Try, Try Again
  • Dr. Bop-Satin and Velvet
  • Joya Sherrill-Desdemona's Lament
  • Isidro (Chico) Misquez and his House of Lords-House of Lords (Joe, Beat the Drum)
  • Sandie Shaw-Reviewing The Situation
  • The Beverley Sisters-The Sphinx Won't Tell
  • Clarence "Gatemoth" Brown-The Cricket
  • Lorrie Collins-Another Man Done Gone
  • The Dokers-Tabou
  • Oliver Nelson-Skull Session
  • Magog-Lock
  • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight-March of the Goober Woobers
  • Hubert Laws-Mean Lene
  • The Redeemed Souls-Ain't No Love Like Jesus' Love