Orsii and Jazzman Gerald present Jazzman, a selection of new Jazzman releases and sounds from the '50s to the '90s including modal jazz, spiritual jazz, Latin jazz, popcorn, deep funk, northern soul, greasy RnB and maybe even the odd tittyshaker.

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  • Duke Ellington-Oclupana
  • Chris McGregor-Switch
  • Ray Johnson-Blue Congo
  • Mac Rebennack-The Point
  • Mac Rebennack & His Orchestra-Sahara
  • Tom Moore-Lonesome Mood
  • Clete Grayson-Nature Girl
  • Milton and Anne Delugg-Ursa Minor
  • Chet McIntyre-Theme for Candy
  • Shades of Joy-The Desert is a Circle
  • Piero Piccioni-Drug Dealers
  • Mario Ortiz-El Cid
  • Little Joe & La Familia-Anna
  • La Clave-Move Your Hand
  • The Harry Roche Constellation-Spiral
  • Fantastic Party-All Men Shall Be Brothers of Ludwig
  • Majoie Hajary-Prologue
  • Maledictus Sound-Kriminal Theme
  • Paul Horn Quintet-Count Your Change
  • Paul Horn-Caesar and Cleopatra Theme
  • Paul Horn Quintet-Benny's Buns
  • The Champs-Ali Baba
  • The Gimicks-Sneaky Snail
  • Perry Jones-Space Walk
  • Pat and the Wildcats-The Giggler
  • The Patriots-Walkin' On Air
  • Paul Babbitt-Ooo Yah Yah
  • Ramsey Lewis Trio-Uhuru
  • Gap Mangione-11th Commandment
  • Mike Taylor and Company-Brute Force
  • Bethea The Maskman-Stand Up
  • Hindal Butts-In The Pocket
  • James Anderson-The Answer
  • Roy Ayers-Pretty Brown Skin