Neue Tanz w/ Jules



Playing anything from ambient and experimental textures interwoven through eccentric new wave, forgotten b-sides and contemporary dance music; one can expect almost anything from the Neue Tanz show. Hosted monthly by Jules, with friends or on his own.

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  • Savant-using words
  • Kristina Pulejkova & Glen Johnson-Heart Six
  • Georgia-Petwo, Reality Souf Broker
  • Demdike Stare-Animal Style
  • Credit 00-Elsewhere Girl
  • Bruce Gilbert-You Might Be Called
  • Powell-Wharton Tiers On Drums
  • Electronome-Bro
  • Andrea Belfi-Cera Persa 2
  • Eddy Detroit-Pyxxymphony
  • Astarius-Ancient Times 1
  • CoH Plays Cosey-Closer Near You
  • Manie Sans Delire-Alltagswut
  • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani-Closed Cicuit
  • Mark Pritchard-Under The Sun
  • Ramzi-OO
  • Sauveur Mallia-Supersmurf