Kestrel Explorations



A transmission both sonically and emotionally imbued with "Deep Heart". Junior Loves implores you to transgress body image and/or language via energy bonds, forged in a celestial furnace of passion. We see no horizon, and so simply ask you to grow, love and share in the caress of liquid time flowing backwards over your skin.

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  • Der Zyklus-Unknown
  • Super Natural Lancashire-Super Natural Lancashire
  • Borghesia-Z M R
  • Fad Gadget-Lady Shave
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Poesie Noire-Gioconda Smile
  • Modern Art-Fatal Crash Emergced From the Start
  • Front Line Assembly-Mind Phaser
  • IAM THATIAM-Time For Harmony In This World
  • Wata Igorashi-Death Orange
  • Trax-Decay Dubb Iyt Tape
  • Simon Shreeve-S/KA
  • Shackleton-Blood On My Hands (Ricardo Villobos Remix)