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Kit Grill presents a monthly excursion into music from around the world. Sunday, monthly, 2-3pm GMT.

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  • L'Ensemble De Tambours-Ingoma
  • Abdel Karim El Kably-Ogbalek (I Wish You The Greatest Happiness I Feel)
  • The Twinkle Brothers-Kingdom Dub
  • Elodie Lauten-Mister Pip
  • In Aeternam Vale-Annie
  • Autumn-I Say You Hello
  • Dean Blunt & Inga Copela-Millennial Turk
  • KhĂ nh Ly-Tinh Nho
  • N.T.U. Small Tigers-Dadewethu
  • Actress-Purrple Splazsh
  • Jeff & Jane Hudson-Abadan
  • Kit Grill-Untitled
  • The Durutti Column-Mavuchka