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Kit Grill presents a monthly excursion into music from around the world. Sunday, monthly, 2-3pm GMT.

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  • Bill Whiters -You Got The Stuff
  • Flying Lotus-1983
  • Broadcast-Oh how i miss you
  • Dj koze-My Grandmotha
  • J Dilla aka Jay Dee-Drop
  • Hype Williams-Rescue Dawn
  • Black Soul-Mangous Ye
  • Bentho Gustave Titiou-Poly Rythmo-Iyame Dji Ki Bi Ni
  • Koreless-4D
  • Burial-Raver
  • Aphex Twin-Heliosphan
  • Pharaohs-What
  • Chris & Cosey-This Is Me
  • Broadcast-I Found The Fragrance
  • Kit grill-Magenta