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Musical hijinks brought to you by Richard Greenan of Kit Records. Tropical hangover tonics, forgotten ethnic jams and feel-good pop wonk. Old, new, borrowed, blue.

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  • Colleen-Holding Horses
  • Alice Coltrane-Journey in Satchidananda
  • Mary Lattimore-Jaxine Drive
  • Sonic Youth-Agnes B Musique
  • MIE-Unknown
  • Ellen Fullman-Woven Processional
  • Farjallah Baida-Hawwal Zarif El-Qadd
  • Shape Worship-Zoned (Hectate)
  • Clark-Vengenace Drools
  • Jake Meginsky-rabbit Devours the Lunar Moth
  • Actress-Purple Splazsh
  • Health-In Violet
  • Best Available Technology & ovis aurum-Roman Gold
  • David Byrne-His Wife Refused
  • Serge Gainsbourg-En Melody
  • Gary Wilson-Soul Travelling
  • ‘cost of living’ Calyspo-y tune???
  • Alessandro Ravi-Fuga dal cerchio
  • Micachu & The Shapes And The London Sinfonietta-Everything
  • Pontiak-Sun on Sun
  • ZZ Top-Cheap Sunglasses
  • Finnish harp-Unknown
  • Raasche And Alan Mills-Undzer Nigund’l
  • Squarepusher-Ultravisitor
  • Aki Tsuyuko-Fantasia
  • The Shell Invaders Steel Orchestra-Ave Maria
  • Devon Loch-Slow Wave