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Musical hijinks brought to you by Richard Greenan of Kit Records. Tropical hangover tonics, forgotten ethnic jams and feel-good pop wonk. Old, new, borrowed, blue.

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  • Messiaen-Regard du Père
  • Third Ear Band-Water
  • Chet Baker-You and the Night and the Music
  • John Fahey-How Long
  • The Doomed Bird of Providence-Fedicia Exine (Position Normal mix)
  • Andy Nice-Dr Titan (Isnaj Dui mix)
  • Lutine-So It Goes (Pete Wiggs Remix)
  • Anthony Levin-Decanini / Pairings / BirthPlan
  • Jake Meginsky-Haitian Tape Loops / Inuit Vocal Music blend
  • Jake Meginsky-Inuit Vocal Music / Mayazumi Moroi Blend
  • Footholes-Vapor Gourds / Incision Objects
  • Mary Lattimore-For PTD
  • Street Musicians Of Yogyakarta-Putra Sala
  • Swim Platførm-Amphibie
  • DJ Rashad-I don’t Give a Fuck
  • Jake Meginsky-Knuckleball / Sgriob
  • Vapor Gourds-Dagger Magic / Magic Daggers
  • Kinlaw-Searching
  • Dream Syndicate-Sure Thing
  • Messiaen-Regard du Père
  • Bromp Treb-Unreleased/Bata Drumming blend
  • Bill Nace x Aaron Dilloway x DRUMMERS OF THE SOCIETE ABSOLUMENT GUININ (HAITI)-“Band” side b
  • Vapor Gourds-Boilerhouse II
  • DJ Manny-All I Do
  • Vapor Gourds-Low Jack Miniatures
  • Body Head-Abstract/Jelly (Jake Meginsky Remix)
  • Laica-Tppr (Excerpt)
  • Third Ear Band-Earth