Kit Records w/ Where To Now & Abdoulaye Samb



Musical hijinks brought to you by Richard Greenan of Kit Records. Tropical hangover tonics, forgotten ethnic jams and feel-good pop wonk. Old, new, borrowed, blue.

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  • Cosmic Neighbourhood-Cosmic Greetings
  • Nadia Khan-Slight Drift
  • IX Tab-Parhelion
  • M/E/L-Um Gum
  • The Soundcarriers-Low Light
  • Perfume Advert-The Fens
  • Ex-Easter Island Head-Mallet Guitars
  • X.Y.R.-Blue sky an' calm
  • M/E/L-Human Body
  • Space Afrika-Tape Signal
  • FDG-Eo Ire Itum
  • Kemper Norton-Colour the Ocean Pink
  • Owen McLean-Feng Shui
  • William Kroll-Banjo and Fiddle
  • GDL-Laibach
  • Koshiro Hino-untitled