Kit Records w/ The Nags Head



Musical hijinks brought to you by Richard Greenan of Kit Records. Tropical hangover tonics, forgotten ethnic jams and feel-good pop wonk. Old, new, borrowed, blue.

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  • Tanaka, Yoshitomi & Totaka-Mario paint BGM #3
  • Oliver Coates-The room is the resonator
  • Sam Houston High School Stage Band-Fat Mama
  • Ela Orleans-Dark Wood
  • Edan-Beautiful Food
  • Yaaard-Flapping on the 2 skin
  • Sun City Girls-Lo-Pacific (excerpt)
  • Rin Eric-Space Wine
  • Amhara Wedding Songs from Ethiopia-Mehedwa New
  • Lutoslawski-Variations on a Theme of Paganini
  • Tommy Blake-$ F-Olding Money
  • Black Dirt Oak-Florian's Wind Up
  • Frank Fairfield-Nine Pound Hammer
  • Hamlet Gonashvili-Imeruli Nana
  • A Guy Called Gerald-Silent Cry
  • Ela Orleans-Your Fame
  • Butthole Surfers-Hurdy Gurdy Man
  • Mick Stevens-This Morning
  • Jonuzi Me Shoket-Vome Kaba
  • Laura Cannell-The Drowned Sacristan
  • Rashad Becker-Traditional Music of Notional Species vol. 1 (dance II)
  • oMMM-Continuum
  • Palace Brothers-Come In
  • Molly Drake-I Remember
  • Ernest Ranglin-Exodus
  • Righteous Acid-Allman Jam > Move On Down
  • Katzenjammers-Cars
  • Sand Circles-Subaquatic Highway
  • Autechre-V-Proc
  • Mick Stevens-Jud