Kit Records w/ The Nags Head



Musical hijinks brought to you by Richard Greenan of Kit Records. Tropical hangover tonics, forgotten ethnic jams and feel-good pop wonk. Old, new, borrowed, blue.

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  • Johnny Cash-My Wife June at the Sea of Galilee
  • Sun Araw-A Chute
  • Dale Cornish-Ulex Pattern 1
  • Expressway Yo Yo Dieting-Real Heehaw
  • Olivia Block-Dissolution a (excerpt)
  • Johnny Cash-In the garden of gethsemane
  • Gretchaninoff-The Creed (performed by the Russian Metropolitan church choir)
  • Captain Beefheart-Tropical Hotdog Night
  • The Nag's Head-Cusp
  • Les Baxter-Simba
  • Washington Phillips-Mother's Last Word to Her Son
  • Johnny L Hurricane Jones-Prayer
  • Autechre-Untitled (live in Helsinki, 2016)
  • The Muppets-Lime in the Coconut
  • Ligeti-Lontano
  • Kid 606-Straight Outta Compton
  • Palace Music-A Group of Women
  • Charles Ives-The Unanswered Question (performed by Tomita)
  • TS Eliott-The Waste Land (read by Alec Guinness)
  • Olivier Messaien-Quintet for the End of Time / Praise to the Eternity of Jesus
  • Hunches-Fall Drive
  • Bruce Langhorn-Windmill
  • Vincent Conlon-Barbara Allen
  • Mxofololo Dlamini-Untitled
  • Steve Gisby-Three
  • Aisha Orazbayeva-Bach violin sonata (live at Flat38)
  • HESITATION-Monday High Noon
  • BĀ£AMS-I Tried All I Could
  • HESITATION-Three Way Mirror
  • Poirier Marshall Partners-FERME7