Knee Deep



Frenchman Mattis, wax pusher at legendary West London record shop Honest Jon's, takes you on a meandering trip through a chasmal sonic landscape, from drones to techno via jazz and boogie.

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  • Heldon-Baader-Neinhor Blues (R.P.)
  • Soft Machine-Down The Road
  • Joe McPhee-Shakey Jake
  • William Onyeabor-Let's Fall In Love
  • Bob Chance-Jungle Talk
  • DJ Sotofett-Assa Med Den Derre Floyta
  • Japan-Drogen-Tot-Legende - Busen-Tour
  • S.P. Posse-Untitled
  • Kowton-More Games (MM-KM More Names Remix)
  • Aquarian Foundation-Saturna
  • Even Tuell-Thanden Stakk
  • Alex.O.Smith-Kosmos 1402
  • Ghetto Gem Vs Black Sites-Untitled
  • John Heckle-Meaning Potential