Knee Deep



Frenchman Mattis, wax pusher at legendary West London record shop Honest Jon's, takes you on a meandering trip through a chasmal sonic landscape, from drones to techno via jazz and boogie.

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  • BB Seaton-Dancing in the Moonlight
  • John T Gast-In a Babalon
  • Ondo Fudd-Veto Plank
  • Madteo-Untitled (Workshop 11)
  • Buttechno ‎-СПОРТ - Aerial Live Layer
  • Machine Woman-I Can Mend Your Broken Heart (Kassem Mosse's version)
  • Red Veil-Dreams
  • Bessiekat-Ghe Thou
  • Don't DJ-Gammelan (Dresvn Remix)
  • Tevo Howard-Energia (Boogie Disco mix)