Kristina Records



Kristina Records is a vinyl only record shop on Stoke Newington Road, they sell new records, they sell already loved records, and they’re here to play us the best minimal, the best house, disco, and tech.

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  • Lady Blacktronika-The Shadows
  • Chris Gray-Unknown
  • Gable & Grant-The Stop
  • Rob Bellleville-True Identity
  • Kuniyuki-Precious Hall
  • Chris Gray-Utterance (Derand Land Dub)
  • Scott Grooves-Parts Manager
  • Slam Mode-Atalntis
  • Strong Souls-Twinkles
  • William Rasario-Double Density
  • Raze Of Pleasure-Deep Love
  • Larry Heard-So Much Joy
  • Tone Theory-Limbo Of Vanished Possibilities (Derrick Carter Mix)
  • Holy Ghost-Mad Monks On Zinc
  • The Mover-Frontal Sickness Part 2
  • Wladimir M-Evil
  • Vainqueur-Solanus
  • Aleks-Nyma
  • Prince Of Denmark-Soulfood
  • Tony G-Tous Le Part La Meme Sort
  • Person Of Interest-Pompano Acid
  • J Albert-Givin Lip
  • The CS Strategy-Show Me Love