Kristina Records



Kristina Records is a vinyl only record shop on Stoke Newington Road, they sell new records, they sell already loved records, and they’re here to play us the best minimal, the best house, disco, and tech.

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  • Benjamin Brunn Live at Golden Pudel Club-A Side
  • Paki / Visnadi-In a Dark Run
  • Matthias Reiling-On a Pale Horse
  • Ikeda X-Mamba Percussion
  • Paralel Disko / Afakan-Panayir Gunu
  • Jack Pattern-Blackout
  • GNORK-Untitled
  • MBG-ORE: Nove Nove
  • K15-Insecurities
  • Gari Romalis-Do What You Like (Can't Judge)
  • 10M-Untitled
  • Unknown-Untitled
  • Contakt-Eve of Gentrification
  • Gable / Grant-Hope Dies Slowly
  • Nummer-To the D
  • Evan Baggs-Blossom
  • O. Xander-Dirac Sea (Karen Gwyer Remix)
  • Smyglyssna-Rekonstruktion
  • Frank & Tony-Untitled