Last Resort



A swift hour long excursion into the unknown. Expect the unexpected from host Tom Cathcart as almost anything goes: techno, post-punk, minimal synth, dub and new wave. Don’t be a prude.

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  • Scott Seskind-I Remember
  • Bartosz Kruczyncski-Baltic Beat
  • Air-Sister Bessie
  • B with-Unknown
  • Jasper Vanthof-Virgin Jungle
  • Len Leise-Rocking
  • Prins Emmanuel & Golden Ivy-Hidden Love
  • Gary's Gang-Do It At The Disco
  • Slim Media Player-Dappled Love
  • Imitation-Narcissa
  • Ann Steel-My Time
  • Eddie Ness & Johan Kaseta-Let's Get Playa
  • Len Leise-Stars for Jorge
  • Asian Harmony-Theme For Someone Special
  • Shadow-People Don't Know What Love Is