Last Resort



A swift hour long excursion into the unknown. Expect the unexpected from host Tom Cathcart as almost anything goes: techno, post-punk, minimal synth, dub and new wave. Don’t be a prude.

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  • Dialect-Hung Rose
  • M/M-En Presidio
  • Reckno-Teresa Winter
  • Warner Jepson-Buchla Box Music
  • Joseph Byrd, Michael Moore-7362
  • Luc Ferrari-Chronopolis
  • Lucian Metianu-The galaxy
  • Three Legged Race-Blossom Oroduct
  • Ennio Morricone-4 Mosche Di Velluto Grigio (Four Flies On Grey Velvet)
  • Broadcast-I Found The F
  • Michael Boddicker-Mandala
  • Lenny Popkin, Elaine Comparone, Laura Stone-Flower (Children’s Television Workshop)
  • Masahiko Sato-Kanashimi no belladonna
  • Children of Alice-The harbinger of Spring
  • Alejandro Jodorowsky, Don Cherry, Robert Frangipane-Drink it (The Holy mountain)
  • Unknown-Russian radio broadcast recordings, 1980s
  • Elaine Comparone, Lenny Popkin-Library (Children’s Television Workshop)
  • Laboratorija Zvuka-Poletarac
  • Evgeniy Krylatov-Ne Bolit Golova U Dyatla
  • The Spoils of War-Now Is Made In America
  • Rachid & Fethi-Psychedelic Algerian Electronic Music 1976
  • Anne Warner, Elizabeth Snyder-Rowing: A Symphony Of Motion