Last Resort



A swift hour long excursion into the unknown. Expect the unexpected from host Tom Cathcart as almost anything goes: techno, post-punk, minimal synth, dub and new wave. Don’t be a prude.

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  • Ramzi-Houti Kush
  • Harumi Hasono-Rose & Beast
  • Micachu & The Shapes-Oh Baby
  • Social Climbers-Chris & Debbie
  • Cleaners From Venus-Corridor of Dreams
  • Talk Talk-I Believe In You
  • Slowdive-Blue Skied An' Clear
  • Dialect-Wings
  • Helena Hauff-Dreams In Colour
  • Gabe Schray-Weeknighters
  • Cocteau Twins-Cherry Coloured Funk
  • Laura Groves-Dream Story
  • Leina Platinos-Shadows of Blood