Latete Atoto



latete_atoto is Kristina and Chloé. They live in London and play records from a collection expansive and vast – from coldwave synths to cosmic dub and bare-bones post-punk; they can make you dance, they can make you cry, or they can melt gently into the background...

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  • Zdnek Liska-Carodejnice's Castle
  • Farmers Brao-Ritual Gongs
  • The Host-Primate Change
  • Fairmont-Fate
  • DAF-DerRauder
  • The Payolas-China Boys
  • Baltic Fleet-Black Lounge
  • Mike Simonetti-The Magician
  • FLATS-Foxtrot
  • Monte Cazazza-Tiny Tears
  • Severed Heads-Acid Fur
  • Haack-Play Me Your Album
  • The Blind Man Who Walked by the Supermarket-Eight Blind Man
  • Tom Ellard-Brain
  • De Tian-Chorale
  • The Host-Minserva Dreamstate
  • Roberto Caccaiapaglia-Sparkling World
  • Starter-Version 1