Public Order w/ Lawson Benn & Jack Sapsed



Predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats, Lawson Benn’s monthly Public Order show takes in jungle, blunted sonics, techno and various other UK & outernational mutations along the way.

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  • The Two G's-The Reno
  • Peshay-Represent
  • Andy Stott-Time Away
  • Black Zone Myth Chant-Belshazzar
  • Tapes-Datura Mystic
  • Black Zone Myth Chant-He Evil
  • Vivian Goldman-Private Armies Dub
  • Okay Kaya-Damn Gravity
  • Jam City-Damage
  • NGLY-Some Relationships
  • Nomine-Blind Man
  • Ekman-GMMDI (Breaker 1 2 Remix)
  • Alex Coulton-Wiretap
  • Grovestreet-Ground Zero (M.E.S.H. Remix)
  • Bok Bok & Sweyn Jupiter-Papaya Lipgloss (Club Mix)
  • DJ Khalab-Amagqoboka
  • Black Zone Myth Chant-Two Stars, No Cross
  • Green Gums-Dag
  • Alex Smoke-Pax
  • The Horn-Villager
  • Akkord-Gravure/Continuum (Regis Whip Hand Mix)
  • Tessela-Bottom Out (Kowton OTT Mix)
  • Green Gums-Cestoda's Labyrinth
  • Beneath-WIP
  • Black Zone Myth Chant-Pass Over Into Nothing
  • Tapes-Somebodys Baby